Social Media Strategies for Newbies

By: Mr. SEO Philippines

Technology is indeed wonderful – internet has really changed how we do things. Especially with the emergence of social media, things have really changed including our marketing. It’s wonderful yet at the same time baffling – especially for newbies.

There are a lot of social media platforms and what to do with all of them? We know it’s pretty confusing at the start because the internet is a whole lot of possibilities. Today we will help you deal with your social media woes.

And yes – it’s not just a rumor, you can use social media in your marketing strategies. You can actually reach a lot of people through the internet, but first we must get down to the basics!

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Set a goal – What do you want to achieve? Being in social media doesn’t mean you just to have to create a profile in and move on to the next account to create another. Yes, you need to register but what’s your plan?

Who is your target audience? What’s your target location? The thing with social media, it can help you identify the audience you want to reach so you can narrow down your market.

The thing with understanding these stuff prior to launching your social media campaigns – this makes it easier for you to measure your performance later.

Scheduled posts – As said earlier, it doesn’t stop at creating those accounts in social media. While it is important that you have registered your accounts, the work doesn’t stop there.

You must update your calendar and keep a schedule. It’s not enough that you post once in a while, it’s important to you make scheduled posts. This is important so your social media followers will feel your presence and at the same time they are updated with your brand.

And if you have several social media accounts, it’s imperative that you must update all of them as well. It can be pretty confusing if you have several accounts but putting them in a calendar will help.

There are also several applications or tools that can help you manage your social media accounts. If cross posting is possible, take advantage of these features. This would definitely save you time and will lessen your confusion.

Be visible – Your posting doesn’t end when your campaign ends. Post regularly so you won’t be forgotten by your followers.  Do your updates across all your accounts – don’t just be active in one account. Stay active in your accounts which brings us to the next point…

Engage – It also doesn’t stop at posting, interact with your followers! Make your post interesting. Encourage your followers to comment and interact with each other. Be part of the exchanges!

This encourages interaction which will increase interests in your posts and profiles. This will also enable you to build relationships with your followers. This also increases the chance of the people going back to your pages.

Remember though to keep the conversations classy and clean!

You see, your social media accounts have great potential when you can maximise its use. Learn the basics, understand how it works, set your goals, plan your posts,  and keep the engagement going!

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